Please meet our top level composer and production partners who write, play and produce your customized music.

Andy Mösch

We find Andy not only at the Phonetia studio working on sound designs and film music, but also on and backstage as artist and promoter of electronic club music. (yes, EDM).

Referenzen: Migros, Postfinance, ETH Zürich, University of St. Gallen, Eptinger

Beat Jegen

Beat Jegen's own studio is based near Zurich. He is a musician, producer and experienced composer for film and advertisement.

References: Swisscom, Sunrise, Migros, General Motors (Opel), C-Films/SF1 (Tag & Nacht), Hugofilm (Aloys)

Joel Morales Insua

Joel Morales is an american composer & multi-instrumentalist living and working in Zürich now. He's not only writing and producing but also mixing for live concerts and playing as pick up musician in touring bands.

References: tba

Martin Häne

Martin is composing and producing for international film and advertisement for over 10 years, in Europe as well as in the USA where he also runs his own publishing companies.

References: Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Universal, NBC, MTV and more.

Roland (Roller) Frei

Roller is one of the most established composer of film music in Switzerland and has worked on the international market for projects of all kinds for the last two decades.

References: Baloise, Coop, Grohe, Lexus, Samsung, SBB, SRF, Tina Turner, UPC Cablecom