This space was born 2016

Interstellar Music Boutique was formed around two years ago when a pair of slightly tipsy stars collided with each other in a small room in the Milky Way.  

With the generous help of null.kelvin, we cleared it out, swept it, furnished it, spruced it up and remade it into the Boutique.  

Zip through the stars and one eventually lands on Planet Earth. Zoom in at the coordinates  47° 29′ 57″ N , 8° 43.  Here is the the command and control center, located behind a Biedermeier desk, where (among other things) only the best coffee is being diligently sipped.

Today the Boutique offers a fine catalog of somewhat different Music, which can be licensed for every need. Simple and straightforward. In the studio next door, we create sound designs and compose custom music with quality and style.

'cause sound moves.


Beat Jegen
 Beat Jegen, Owner
Composing, Scoring, Producing, A&R 

Marie-Hélène Froidevaux
Marie-Hélène Froidevaux, Owner
Publishing, Licensing, Legal
Member of the UK & EU Guild of Music Supervisors

Flurina Caratsch

Flurina Caratsch
Label Manager at *in between stars


Partners & Collegues:
ISM works with sub-publishing partners around the globe.
On the custom music and sound design side, we have a great network of specialists to get on board.


Interstellar Music GmbH
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Via Maistra 7
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Raiffeisenbank Zürich
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Design / Idea: null.kelvin
Animation: Ploy Studios
Pictures / Artworks: All rights are with the artists.


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